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Catherine, often writing under the moniker of Musician Poodle, is a musician, writer and editor living near the Bavarian Alps.  You may also guess that she is an historical re-enactor.  She studied recorder and harpsichord at the Royal College of Music in London, amongst other things and other places, after which she accidentally embarked on a career in school teaching.  This coincided with her frenzied embrace of all things artsy and craftsy, by way of stress relief.  Despite following the school teaching with a decade of tutoring master’s degree students, the arts and crafts continued.  Seriously, dissertations can be stressful for the people marking them, too.  Catherine now works freelance in a way which does not include herding hordes of three-year old percussion players or trying to make IV-V-I cadences sound interesting.

Tosh 8 Dec 2011_medium

New Zealand watercolour artist and polymer clay wizard Martin Larkin is only ever called Tosh by his friends.  If you want him to like you, you know what to do.  Even after 15 years of marriage, Catherine (see above), still can’t understand him (“airbed” sounds nothing like “ear-beard”); it’s a marriage made in heaven.  Following in the tradition of all creative arty types, he has led a colourful life.  Still a loyal supporter of the Wizard of New Zealand and former brave warrior in Alf’s Imperial Army, he has continued to embrace the creative and silly side of life.  Despite being really rather good at art, Tosh will show you that he, too, has to begin somewhere when he tries something new.  He hopes that you will join him in his enthusiasm for the projects shown here.


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