Marbling update – starting on the slow road to success

Hello Begonias!

It’s a roasting hot day, and we’ve escaped to the study on the north-east corner of the house for further marbling fun.  It’s getting better!

Today’s efforts have resulted (so far) in immediate improvement using acylic paints again, thinned to the consistency of single cream and with the addition of a drop or two of ox gall for dispersion.

Better results with acrylic marbling today.

Better results with acrylic marbling today. This was a single colour practice run, so all of the white areas are simply uncoloured rather than white paint.

We made some gloopy wallpaper paste (a few tablespoons in two litres of water – experimentation needed to get a good size).

Then we carefully added paint to the surface of the water, let it disperse a bit, then swirled with a cocktail stick.

The paints still sink after a while, so we haven’t got the consistency quite right, and the wallpaper paste makes the dispersal quite grainy, especially with two contrasting colours, but it’s getting there!



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