Project: Frozen bubble photo

Hello Begonias!

Here is a fantastic winter photography project for you which looks impressive, but is incredibly simple to achieve.  Thanks to my friend Nick for putting me onto this.

Frozen bubble

The bubble above was created in -6°C on a very grey day between flurries of snow, but an ideal time would be a clear sunrise or sunset in order to capture some beautiful reflections in your bubble.

All you need is some bubble mix (e.g. dilute washing up liquid), something to make the bubbles (I twisted some thin wire into a loop) and a cold day with snow or a heavy frost – a couple of degrees under freezing or colder.  You could also add glycerine or corn syrup to the mix to help create a stronger bubble, less likely to pop.

You don’t need a snazzy camera for this, although whatever you have needs to be able to get in really close, so a macro setting will be handy if you are using a point-and-shoot camera.  If you can also use manual focus on your camera, this is a great time to try it to pinpoint the most interesting part of your bubble.  I suggest using a tripod if you have one, as it’s difficult to get a sharp image if you are shivering.  Maybe I should add warm clothes to the requirements list…

It takes a minute or two for the bubbles to freeze unless it is incredibly cold.  You don’t have to wait for them to completely freeze before photographing them, as some of the developing patterns are much easier to see when they are offset by clear parts.  You might also like to experiment by adding a drop of food colouring to your bubble mixture.

Deflated bubbles are fun, too:


Sad, deflated bubble.

Sometimes they burst, leaving a shattered half rather like an eggshell.

Weather not cold enough?  Freeze a container of water and make frozen bubbles indoors!

If you have a Flickr or other photo stream and want to share your images, we’d love to see them, so feel free to leave a link in a comment.

Enjoy the freezing weather!


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